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Find the Thieves / Finde die Diebe

Finally something new from me in the Appstore.

A Bank was assailed and the Thieves captured a considerable amount of money but the cashier managed to trigger the emergency system which sealed the entire building trapping everyone.
Shortly after a short-circuit causes the lights to fail and strange things start to happen. Only a few minutes later, power is restored and the lights turn on again.
What happened ? And most importantly who are the Thieves?
Slip into 7 exciting characters.

This is a Multi-User-Offline game for everyone. Tactics, fibbing and thinking hard about your next steps are vital to succeed.
Arrange players following the setup on the device. Select the number of players. Use the empty fields to fill in your names if you like.

In the center is a list of players who participate. The device provides information about how to act during the short-circuit for all players. (For better quality, install the extended Siri voice.)

Go through the game once or twice to get aligned to the different characters. This will probably lead to a great experience and interesting discussions.

The best tactician, bluff and actor wins the game.

Get the game here: